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Two new styles of Safety Twitch Extension handle are now available - Hex and Double Ended.
These are designed to fit the 1 1/2" Hex Winch on modern bolsters (Patchell, Evans Engineering and Kraft designs).
The Double Ended has the Hex and the Original head to suit both applications.  The Original design is still available, please talk to us about your requirements.

Twitch_Handle_001A.jpgOur Safety Twitch Extension Handles were designed to eliminate injuries caused by pipes slipping off twitches while tightening them. 

Twitch_Handle_002A.jpgTheir unique copyrighted design means they are easy to use to fasten and remove twitches.
  • Specially designed heads lock onto the twitch
  • Knurled Handles provide extra grip
  • Robust construction means they stand up to the toughest jobs
  • Easily mounted on trucks for ready access

Putting Safety FirstTwitch_Handles_Close_Up_1.jpg
Twitch_Fastening_1.jpgTwitch_Fastening_2.jpgOur Safety Twitch Extension Handles were developed after a severe facial injury caused by a pipe slipping off the end of a twitch while being fastened.  Initially they were created for use by our own drivers, however they were soon spotted in use around the bush, and word of how good they were spread rapidly.  Since 1999 we have produced over 4,000, and they have been sold across the country to transport firms carting everything from logs to timber, concrete pipes to heavy machinery - anywhere twitches are used.

All our Safety Twitch Extension Handles are manufactured on-site at our workshop in Putaruru.  We use quality steel products to ensure high strength and longevity.  Once completed the Handles are electroplated to provide rust protection.

Our Safety Twitch Extension Handles have been recommended by the Log Transport Safety Council, who have noticed the significant reduction of incidents since their introduction.

Overall Length:  700mm
Width:  35mmHandle_on_Truck_1.jpg
Weight: 1.8kg

How to Purchase
Contact Us for details on pricing and delivery.  We can arrange shipping nationwide.

For further information or details on our Safety Twitch Extension Handle Contact Us

PLEASE NOTE - At this time these are NOT recommended for use with the new 6mm Chain Twitches.  We are in the process of a solution for this, and will advise when this is ready.
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